Early years

Shafeek was born in Cairo and discovered his love and talent for dance at an early age. Whilst at school he began what was to be the foundation for his future, at the age of eight he started to take his first classes in Egyptian folkloric dance. With his perseverance and dedication to learn, he quickly developed his skills, and by twelve he had his first work as a lead male dancer for the Susan Mubarak Children's Theatre. Just two years later he was performing folkloric dance in a full adult cast in the Cairo Star Theatre.

His passion and energy for dance continued to motivate him, and his natural talent was becoming increasingly obvious. At only sixteen he joined Egypt's most famous and renowned dance group of all time, The Reda Troup. Shafeek received the highest standard of training in Egyptian folkloric dance possible as well as developing his classical and ballet skills. Soon he became well established and was performing in famous theatres, and shows all over Egypt as well as performing on TV, and in video clips for famous singers.


Shafeek's determination for success led him to start training in Contemporary dance and Ballet at the Cairo Opera House, he later joined their team and performed with them a number of shows. By 2005 Shafeek was dancing for the biggest musical drama ever made in Egypt, "Memories of the Sphinx" with an International cast, it was the first Oriental and folklore show of its kind.

Shafeek's career made a huge step when at the age of twenty one, he moved to the UK. In the UK he quickly became well established and recognised as a leading performer and teacher of folklore and oriental dance.

Based in London he has travelled nationwide and abroad to teach workshops and perform at a variety of events. Some Highlights of his career include the following, performing for the Sultan of Oman, working as an dance artist for the disney film "Prince of Persia", dancing at the Albert Hall for the famous Turkish singer Sesen Aksu, performing at Glastonbury on the Jazz stage, performing Tanoura in Istanbul and Bodrum, featuring in the Sunday Express and creating shows for the Dubai Government.


Shafeek Ibrahim is the founder of the Shafeek Stage School which is the first and only performance course for Arabian Dance Arts within the UK. He is also the Director of Arabian Dance Theatre Company which is arguably the strongest Arabic dance company in Europe. Arabian Dance Theatre have featured major Arabic press including, BBC Arabic, MBC Channel, Asharq Al Awsat, Al Arab, and Al Alamia.

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Regular Classes

Every Tuesday Intermediate level 6.30-7.30pm Advanced level 7.30-8.30pm Studio 6 @ The Place in Euston The Place 16 Flaxman Terrace London WC1H 9AT
Classes are £10 per hour. For further information about regular classes please contact Shafeek as dates are subject to change.

Private Classes

Shafeek is availabe to teach private classes where he can work with you to develop your dancing ability to the best. Students find this a very beneficial way to learn. Private classes are organised to fit in with your schedule and your dance requirements. please contact Shafeek for more details on price and venue


Shafeek has taught classes and workshops all over the UK and world wide. Why not invite him to teach a workshop near you.

Shafeek Stage School

The Shafeek Stage School is the UK's first and only professional performance course in Arabian Dance Arts. It is an intensive 20 hour course focusing on technique, choreography, showmanship, expression, musical interpretation and personal feedback and guidance on your own work. The course is aimed at helping students develop in Arabian dance through group work, choreography, classes and experience with a professional touring show. Participants will have the opportunity to perform with the Arabian Dance Theatre Company, which holds unique theatre productions every year. Each year brings an even more exciting and bigger course and show. Entrance is by audition only. Next audition will be May 2013. Please see for more details.

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Unity in Diversity 8 October 2010 by Tanja Nikola
Shafeek Ibrahim
Ilham Show London Oct 09_Tanja Nikola
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Shafeek provides Arabic dance and entertainment for any event

  • Theatre
  • Weddings
  • festivals
  • Commercial
  • Private
  • Hen Parties
  • Birthdays
  • Parties

He can perform solo or has his own dance company Arabian Dance Theatre ( which provides both male and female dancers, from 2 up to 20 performers. Shafeek can peform Tanoura, Whirling Dervish, Egyptian Folk dance, Egyptian Dance, as well as dance styles from Algeria, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi, Yemen , Emirates, Jordan, Kuwait and Sudan.

Please contact Shafeek for more deatails about your event

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Shafeek is currently based in London, but is available for National and International work.

For bookings or for any information about Shafeek and his events please do not hesitate to contact him using the form below.

Mobile:             +44 (0) 798-427-8199      


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